Agence Recruitment Agency in France – An Important Source of Talent for the Country

Agence Interim Roumanie is a highly experienced recruitment agency in France. The company specialises in providing both skilled and unskilled workers to European and international clients. Agence has branches in the UK, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Bermuda, Cape Verde, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Philippines, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. Agence has recruited a wide range of well-qualified personnel for a number of high paying jobs in the IT, pharmaceutical, construction and other sectors. In addition to having a large pool of candidates from different countries, Agence has a team of experts who specialise in delivering candidates into the various companies, helping them to secure jobs in the best possible conditions. All recruitment agencies are independent and their selection process is individualised, taking into account the candidate’s suitability and skills.

What Does a Recruitment Agency Does?

The recruitment agency in France, Agence International is a division of Agence Recruitment & Staffing where recruitment professionals undertake all tasks related to finding skilled and unskilled workers and deliver candidates ready for interview. The agency provides specialist knowledge and experience in sourcing the best candidates for technical and trade sector vacancies. Agence also organises placement and support services in France for IT and Engineering recruitment agencies. The division handles placement requests for a variety of job categories such as Information Technology, Banking, Accountancy, Customer Service and Sales. Agence maintains a pool of qualified and experienced personnel with expertise in handling specialized job roles for clients across Europe and the US.

The French Government seeks the assistance of recruitment agencies in securing the best candidates for posts in a timely manner. They provide excellent assistance in filling various vacancies, including staff requirements for the various departments. With their global network and a large number of contacts, Agence can find the right candidates at the right location quickly. The recruitment process is time efficient and simplified with their skilled manpower. They also have a well developed website that helps the employer to post their requirements for vacancies, along with details of various programs and trainings.