Law Enforcement Help Capture Loose Zebra in Middle Tennessee

Law implementation authorities helped catch a free zebra in center Tennessee after it got away from an intriguing domesticated animals sell off.

As per media sources, Cookeville Police Department and Putnam County Sherriff’s office helped Triple W workers catch the “upset” zebra early Friday morning. Cookeville is around 80 miles (128 kilometers) east of Nashville.

The zebra ran onto Highway 111, yet was not harmed because of the absence of traffic. Various strategies were utilized to endeavor to recover control of the creature. At a certain point, two cops made “ineffective endeavors” to convey TASER gadgets to divert or catch the creature.

It required almost three hours to corner and direct the zebra onto a vehicle trailer.

A close by primary school cautioned guardians in a Facebook post that “There is a zebra running wild in the Prescott territory. It got away from a truck, was tased, and is distraught. Try not to approach. (Indeed, truly.)”

Prescott South Middle School educator Ashley Danielle Francis told WSMV-TV that she saw the zebra while heading to work, considering it the “craziest thing I at any point think I’ve at any point found around here.