Project Management

Project Management processes are a systematic approach to ensure successful execution of a project, which includes efficient planning, execution, monitoring and controlling. Project management seeks to achieve a systematic approach to project development which includes effective initiation of the process; monitoring and controlling of the process throughout its life cycle; and efficient disposal of resources to achieve maximum benefit. Project management processes offer a consistent and automated way for managing all developmental projects, which ensures improved chances of project success. Therefore project management by definition involves managing the whole project life cycle, stage by stage, by applying the progressive elaboration of the processes involved. Some of the important activities that need to be taken care of during each phase of the project life cycle are identifying the target market/sub-target market, establishing the project objectives, developing a business case, planning the project budget, scheduling the manpower, identifying the resources, project management plan, project delivery plan, risk management plan, quality plan, and a continuous improvement plan. In addition, some project management processes may include risk management plan for attaining project success. Find out more info on this website.


A Crucial Project Management Step

The main aim of each phase in the Project Management Processes is to achieve the overall goal of the project. Project management therefore involves five major stages: Planning, initiating the project, controlling and delivering the project, and delivering the results. There are many ways in which Project Management can be achieved; however it is better if a good project management process is adopted throughout the project. Some of the ways in which Project Management processes can be implemented are:

The four main stages of project management processes, although they are termed as main, actually involve four different phases. In addition, the five stages of the Project Management Processes, although they are termed as stages, actually have six main phases. The Project Management Processes, when applied in practice, involves five different steps: Planning, initiating the project, controlling and delivering the project, delivering the results and finally, assessing and improving future projects. It is very important that all the project team members understand and comply with the Project Management Processes.